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We're here to provide you with access to investment tools and top research and analysis, so you can confidently back up your investing decisions.

Resources to help you make informed decisions



S&P Top Picks



Quickly add to your portfolio from lists of stocks that were hand-selected by S&P's top-notch U.S. equity analysts.

Lipper Mutual Fund Top Picks



Lipper Mutual Funds Top Picks consists of a listing of the top mutual funds in each of CIFSC categories that receive the highest scores for One-Year Consistent Return according to Lipper's Leader System.

Analyst Ratings



See ratings and target prices for Canadian and U.S. stocks from Standard & Poor's, GlobeinvestorGOLD, and in one consolidated view.

Morningstar Research



BMO InvestorLine provides a comprehensive suite of investment research covering multiple asset classes from Morningstar.


Canadian and U.S. Reports



Back up your decisions with our expanded research offering, including free access to the very latest Canadian and U.S. Company Reports.

Technical Insight



Identify new equity opportunities using Technical Insight, a valuable technical analysis tool that can help you identify, research and analyze new investing opportunities.

Value Analyzer



The Value Analyzer is an intuitive and graphically rich tool that helps you identify and evaluate equity investment opportunities, using the principles of value investing.

Retirement Planner



The Retirement Planner helps you develop a customized retirement plan by taking into account your current financial situation, risk tolerance and goals.



Charting video


Develop your investing strategies by identifying trends and analyzing the historical performance of any U.S. or Canadian stock or mutual fund at a glance, whether or not it's part of your portfolio.


The interactive charts allow you to:


  • Compare stocks and mutual funds against other stocks and mutual funds, indexes and common benchmarks.
  • Use technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages and more to identify historical trends to help you develop strategies for tomorrow.
  • View multiple indicators on each security you research.


Compare securities using our powerful charting service from Markit on Demand and chart stocks over several time frames and frequencies.

Advanced Tools

BMO Market Pro



BMO Market Pro is the next generation platform available to Gold and Platinum Star members of our 5 Star Program.*


* With recent changes to 5 Star qualification criteria, clients who were previously members of BMO InvestorLine's Active Trader Program will now receive Gold or Platinum level benefits. See 5 Star Program Terms and Conditions.

Market Streamer



When you become a member of our 5 Star Program you'll have access to this powerful tool, created in partnership with Markit on Demand.

Screeners & Alerts

S&P Quick Picks



Choose from basic and advanced Screeners for stocks, mutual funds and fixed income products.

Advanced Stock Screener




The Advanced Stock Screener is available for Canadian and U.S. companies.


The Advanced Screener lets you control the search category with parameters set by you.

ETF Screener and Compare Tool



Search, compare and track Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) with ease using our dynamic and powerful tool.


These pre-packaged portfolios are easy to use and customizable, mirroring your specific needs and financial objectives.


Choose from a variety of top-rated portfolios:

S&P's Top Ten Portfolio


Comprised of stocks believed by S&P's Equity Research Group to be well poised for risk-adjusted total return prospects over the coming 12 months. Stocks must have a five-STARS ranking to be included in this dynamic model portfolio concept.



The S&P's PowerPicks Portfolio 2007


Represents the collective "best ideas" of S&P's U.S. equity research staff.



S&P's Platinum Portfolio


Combines the top-ranked stocks from both the S&P's Stock Appreciation Ranking System (STARS) and S&P's proprietary Fair Value quantitative ranking system.



The Neural Fair Value 25 Model Portfolio ("NFV25")


Composed of 25 stocks from the Neural Fair Value Universe considered to have above-average price appreciation potential over the next six months.



The Income Stocks Portfolio


For investors looking for yield, this portfolio is comprised of stocks that carry a dividend yield at least double that of the average yield on the S&P 500, and have an S&P Quality Ranking of B+ or better.

The Warren Buffett Portfolio


This portfolio is comprised of stocks that meet key value investing criteria that Warren Buffett has emphasized in the past, including free cash flow, net profit margin, return on equity, retained earnings and market capitalization.



The Fair Value Portfolio


Composed of those stocks whose Fair Value ranks, combined with Earnings Surprise and Timing index classifications, imply above-market returns over the next six to twelve months.



The Five STARS (Stock Appreciation Ranking System) Portfolio


Geared to investors looking mainly or exclusively for superior market performance over a six to 12-month period. The STARS evaluates the immediate investment potential of the stock it covers, with emphasis on the timing of investment decisions. The total return is expected to outperform the total return of the S&P 500 Index by a wide margin over the coming 12 months, with shares rising in price on an absolute basis.

Lipper Leaders is a fund rating system designed to clearly indicate a fund's success in meeting specific investment objectives, such as preserving capital, lowering expenses, or building wealth. Lipper Leader ratings provide an instant measure of a fund's success against four key metrics:


  • total return
  • consistent return
  • preservation
  • expense


Get direct links to Analyst Opinions and Research Reports right from your Stock Watch List, Holdings and Portfolio Quotes.


What you'll see:


  • GlobeInvestorGOLD 5-Star Ratings
  • research reports

You can access:


  • Equity research reports on over 1,200 North American-listed stocks containing both fundamental and qualitative data.
  • Comprehensive Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) reports that provide detailed analysis and ratings on over 500 North American ETF's under coverage.
  • Over 300 company Credit Reports that provide a comprehensive summary of a company's financial health credit reports and contains analyst commentary, Morningstar's credit rating and model data.
  • Periodic reports including Monthly Canadian Research Highlights, Quarterly Sector Reports, Industry Focus Reports and the monthly Dividend Investor Newsletter.

With Canadian and U.S. Reports you'll get access to:


  • Canadian and U.S. company profiles
  • annual income statements
  • earnings per share data
  • detailed stock charting
  • fundamental analysis
  • analyst earnings estimates
  • buy/sell/ hold recommendations from GlobeinvestorGOLD


With the Technical Insight tool you can:


  • Access a universe of unbiased trade ideas based on emerging technical events.
  • Determine the investment outlook for any equity by simply entering the ticker symbol to view all the currently active events.
  • Leverage guided educational material that provides meaningful explanations and interpretation of events as they are happening.
  • Easily monitor equities through email notifications, which alert you each time a significant event occurs.


The Value Analyzer helps you to:


  • Become proficient in value investing – a popular investing style used by investors worldwide.
  • Validate ideas using value analysis that classifies the value of the stock, based on key value investing metrics.
  • Get access to a list of pre-screened investment ideas which are updated daily and organized by industry sector.
  • Access value-based investing research to monitor a client's favourite stocks and identify undervalued stocks.


The Value Analyzer is powered by Recognia, an industry leader in providing independent investment research.

How the Retirement Planner works:


  • Takes an inventory of all the registered assets you have earmarked for retirement.
  • Identifies your retirement goals, including your desired retirement income and the age you plan to retire.
  • Determines your investor profile type.
  • Compares your current, historical or customized asset allocation against the asset allocation suggested by your investor profile type and decides which one of these profiles is best suited for you to move forward with your retirement plan.
  • Calculates how well your savings plan and your asset allocation profile meet your retirement goals.


Develop your investing strategies by identifying trends and analyzing the historical performance of any U.S. or Canadian stock or mutual fund at a glance, whether or not it's part of your portfolio.


The interactive charts allow you to:


  • Compare stocks and mutual funds against other stocks and mutual funds, indexes and common benchmarks.
  • Use technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages and more to identify historical trends to help you develop strategies for tomorrow.
  • View multiple indicators on each security you research.


BMO Market Pro provides you with the tools necessary to stay on top of the markets including:


  • real-time market data, news and analysis
  • streaming charts with enhanced technical studies
  • fully customizable web-based dashboard


To be eligible for BMO Market Pro you must trade 30 or more times a quarter or maintain an account balance of at least $500,000.


Stay informed with:


  • access to real-time streaming quotes from North American equities and indexes
  • streaming charts
  • Watch List tracking
  • exchange rate (Canadian to U.S.)


Using the Mutual Fund screening tool you can:


  • Choose from Quick Picks or the Advanced Stock Screener tools.
  • Make decisions and cut through the clutter by viewing investments selected to meet the criteria you specify.
  • Decide on the level of support you need, depending on your comfort level, experience and preference.

The ETF Screener and Compare Tool provides ease and clarity throughout the ETF selection process.


Use this dynamic tool to:


  • Perform detailed ETF searches within seconds.
  • Filter ETFs using asset class, ETF types and market (Canada or U.S.).
  • Access comprehensive ETF data including quotes, historical performance, risk and volatility rations and Top 10 holdings.
  • View Lipper Fund Ratings, which identifies ETFs that have had superior consistency and risk-adjusted returns.
  • Use the leading-edge comparison tool and view up to four ETF side-by-side charts.
  • Track ETFs with ease by setting up customized Watch Lists and alerts that will notify you each time a change in market price occurs.

Would you prefer a guided experience?


adviceDirect offers personalized online investing advice so you can continue to manage your investment portfolio with confidence.


Consider adviceDirect

Stay connected with alerts


Feel confident knowing your portfolio is being monitored and you will be notified if it needs your attention.

MyLinkTM It's easy to stay on top of stock information from virtually anywhere when you receive customized alerts about your account and use MyLink to communicate one-on-one with BMO InvestorLine securely.

With MyLink you'll get:


  • A secure personal inbox.
  • Investment insights and information specific to your portfolio holdings.
  • Secure and prompt online communication with a BMO InvestorLine Representative.
  • A direct link to tools and resources to help you make informed investment decisions.
  • Analyst rating notifications based on your equity holdings sent directly to your secure inbox.
  • Alerts to changes in third-party recommendations, ratings and target prices for Canadian and U.S. stocks.
Stock & News Alerts Receive updates on your mobile device or by email without having to log in to your account.

Set personalized alert triggers on a wide range of alerts, including:


  • Dividend and stock-split announcement notifications.
  • Weekly or daily performance summaries for a stock or ETF.
  • Daily updates on the biggest gainers and losers, most active and new price highs and lows for stocks & ETFs on the major North American exchanges.
  • Notifications based on technical analysis, which inform you of a potential change in a security's price direction.
Watch Lists Create personalized lists of up to 50 stocks, options or indices, allowing you to easily retrieve current quotes and track performance for items on your list wherever you are.

With Watch Lists you'll be able to:


  • get current stock news from Reuters
  • access third-party analyst opinions and ratings
  • chart historical prices on any stock
Order Fill Notifications Stay on top of your trade activity with Order Fill Notifications.

Receive an email that will alert you each time an equity and/or option order has been filled.

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